Acadian Land Services
Acadian Land Services
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Digital Mapping
GIS (Geographic Information System): a powerful system for capturing, storing, analyzing, managing, and presenting data which are spaticially referenced.
  • Digitized reproductions of any type or size
  • Tracking of intelligent GIS maps, word processor documents and scanned images
  • Linking databases containing tract information, scanned images and other documents to GIS maps
  • Customized reports and search queries of database information
  • USGS, assessor, Tobin, NASA, and aerial surveys
  • Viewing capabilities of GIS maps
  • US Army Corp. of Engineers
  • Department of Conservation
  • Wildlife & Fisheries and Natural Resources
  • Geological, geophysical, and coastal calculations

Drafting and Programming Services
  • Development of GIS standards conforming to client needs
  • General CAD and GIS services and support
  • Custom application/program development
  • Database management
  • XY coordinates: latitude & longitude conversions
  • Attributed drawings, linking data, reports and scanned images.

Plotting and Scanning

  • Highest quality Designjet plotters
  • Various size plots
  • Color plots and copies
  • Transparent overlays
  • Documents converted to a desktop environment
  • Signed permits and graphics
  • Allows e-mailing of signed originals
  • Manipulation and recreation of hard copies


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